Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Report Of The Month Of JULY 2006:Right To Food

Report Of The Month Of JULY 2006
Right To Food

As far as the assessment of CBOs & MBOs are concerned we want to mention here that more CBOs and MBOs are continue to be assessed by the project fellows and the also by concerned persons of the project. We are communicating each other through letters, E-mail & visited them too. This is why already assessed CBOs, MBOs(their name given in my earlier reports) and the newly assessed CBOs, MBOs are placed their vital role in conveying massages to the targeted community. For example,

ä During‘Rojgar Haq Yatra’ organized by PVCHR among 22 villages of U.P.all the CBOs & MBOs took active participation. Also during several demonstration they placed their vital role.

ä During “Health Camp” organized by PVCHR in the village Ghasiyabasti of the sonbhadra district they help a lot in spreading information of organizing health camp, its benefit for the community, and also provide their services with us.

Many petitions have been filed at District, NHRC, & AHRC level. One of the most die hearted case of the death 9 months old girl child Seema, who was died by malnutrition; PVCHR represented its anger against criminal negligence of the Varanasi Administration towards the plight of the victim. In respect of this AHRC issued –

1. Hunger Alert in the state saying that children were starving to death & the Govt. Officials were doing nothing to address the problem.

2. An open Letter to Varanasi Administration by Executive Director, AHRC

Many more Press Statements has done the great job in providing the justce to the victim such as-
Seeking information from Pindra SDM of varanasi regarding Allotment of land in the village Belwa.
Apart from that applications have also been filed by our fellows of project area on various issues emerging during their conversation with the villagers relating to their basic amenities like food, education & housing.

1- In the village Barkara of Kushinagar district petition prepared against the secretary as he rejected the form of Matritwa Labh Yojna of two women by saying that unless and until they did not wash their utensils of his domestic use, the form was not approved. Fellows went to the BDO and complained. The BDO assured for prompt action.

2- In the village Bhabhua of the district Sonbhadra complaint against the Pradhan placed before BDO on wage issue.
3- In the village Complaint to the BDO against irregular distribution of PD shop service.
4- In the village Barwakala of Kushinagar district Complaint against PD shop at block level.
5- In the village Rajpur Dehati, Mohaw, Adhru of Gajipur district complaint against midday meal, ration card were made before D.M.
Research and consultation on NAMA and impact on weavers –
To raise the question on the condition of weavers, IRC section of Right to Food Campaign published a magazine titled ‘Voice of Voiceless Weavers’ The magazine consists of the description of actual economic and social condition of the weavers and also put their demands for their livelihood. It covers all the communication (Open Letters) taken place among PVCHR & the Policy Makers of the governing body to redevelop weaving industries by keeping Weavers decision in center. Through this magazine PVCHR tries to aware about the need of Master Plan for the development of saari industry and to create share financing and trust financing in the field of Weaving Industry.

State level consultation at Varanasi and Gorakhpur :-
We had a state level meeting held on 12 june 06 in Lucknow where supreme court commissioner Arundhati Dhuru and I.C. Dvivedi were present along with the NGOs, & CBOs & MBOs. All they are working securing rights of every last man of the society. During the meeting it is decided to organize a state level campaign on Right to Food as early as possible where all the victim will be invited to put the injustice imposed on them in different circumstances.

Linking with state, National and International Groups on Right to food campaign: -
We are continuously the link of several state level groups like TSA, AAK, VOP etc. In our every activities they all have been participating out either it is demonstration before DM or to raise voice against violation of rights. On 12th june 06 a demonstration taken place by RTFC before DM varanasi where VOP & other organizations took their active participation. We are regular in the contact of NHRC, AHRC & all other concerned authorities in the context of several issues occurred in our project area. Like-.
ä HRLN in June 2006 sent in house news letter to us.

Some more Achievements in several villages are as follows-
Sveral villages are now get enrolled in primary schools of their This is the effort of our Project Fellows by which a number of children of respective villages. As they were being deprived by their rights due to feudal mentality of the society since very beginning.
Sl.No.. Village District No. of children Enrolled
1. Khirkiya Kushinagar 48
2. Kurmoul Kushinagar 25
3. Naharchhapra Kushinagar 110

· In Barkara of the district Sonbhadra, a new MBO has been established by the effort of our Project Fellow aimed at fighting against violation of rights. It has its own constitution to run the organization to fulfill its aim & objective. It has its own decision-making & policy making body.
Prepared by Manisha Tiwary,Field Coordinator,PVCHR