Monday, August 21, 2006

Sub Divisional Magistrate was present to ensuring fare selection of PDS shopkeepers of village Dadera District Barabanki.

Sub Divisional Magistrate was present to ensuring fare selection of PDS shopkeepers of village Dadera District Barabanki.

An Open meeting was being organized for the selection of PDS Shopkeeper of Sarah Shewaz village of Dadera Panchayat on Dated 1st August’06. This meting was decided by District Magistrate. Which is impact of six months advocacy for ensuring the food rights of the poor villagers of Dadera. Before that another meeting was held at 3rd. July 06 for the deciding shop keeper of PDS Shop of Dadera Villagers. Some of anti social element disturbed the meeting and meeting abounded. It was the first time in history of village when SDM was present in the open meeting of gram panchayat. SDM with Circle officer Fatehpur and Station Officer Ghughter, Assistant Vikas Khand Officer (Panchayat), Pradhan of Nindura Gram and Dadera Distt Development officer were also present. The nominees for the post of shopkeeper were Kalpana Singh w/o Sushil Singh and Mr. Nattha Ram.

SDM requested to Convener of Rozi-Roti Samiti to facilitate meeting as per rules and regulation of Panchyati Raj. Rules and regulations were being told to the community and was also motivated by S.D.M.

On the request of The Rozi-Roti Samiti SDM ephasis in this meeting that whosoever may be the shop keeper he/ she has to make up his mind that he/ she has to distribute the food grains in every village of Dadera panchayat so that distribution may not get any hindrances and every citizen may get this benefit including this he said that during distribution of food grains, Supply Inspector, Law Officer and Nayab Tehsildar have to be present so that during distribution process there must not be any problem and if any problem has been found then the said person due to which problem occurred will be severely punished and strict action will be taking against him/ her

The counting of majority was being held in the next proceeding of the meeting and this was pre decided that whosoever gets the highest number of persons will be the shop owner. In a very peaceful manner counting process was started. Firstly counting process was started in favour of Mr. Nattha Ram and in this 4,41 people registered their satisfaction with him. After this counting started in favour of Kalpana Singh and here 526 people registered their satisfaction with him and according to the rule Kalpana Singh was declared as a shop owner. After the end of the meeting the villagers were sending back to their destinations along with police security. In this regard S.D.M. Fatehpur appreciated the work of organization and gave full credit for this open meeting to the Rozi-Roti Samiti. Aim/ Rozi-Roti Samiti gifted three books published by our organization. They viewed the books carefully and highly appreciated the publishing material. He said that books are very helpful for the whole organization as it contains lots of facts.

This meeting was the first meeting in this whole block in which S.D.M. Was present during the full meeting for deciding shop owner of PDS shop. Ultimately Panchayati raj system also strengthens for deciding the shop owner of Dadera Village. This happen only for the continuous efforts of the Rozi-Roti Samiti ___________________________

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