Monday, October 16, 2006

Message on International food secuirity Day :2006

Todays is the international food security day with the aim that every person living in this world must get the minimum need i.e required for the survival in this present scenario. As India is a food rich country but there are many states in India who are below poverty line one of them is the state of uttar pradesh where many people die from starvation ,hunger and malnutrition .So here comes the duty of the state Govt to look after its people who are suffering from miserable condition . The villagers uttar pradesh are not receiving any wages even after their participation in food for work scheme and the Govt bureaucrat are giving false impression of the scheme functioning in UP .The PDS{Public distribution shop} are not functioning properly ,There have been charges upon 4 officers ,SP ,district Collector Executive magistrate that they were predent enough to discharge of their duties that would have prevented at least afew deaths from stravtion in their respective Juridiction.

The most miserable condition is of the weavers who have lost their job and working as labors, rag pickers , mechanics etc. Due to this the income of weavers hae reduced a lots which had a great impact on their health and even their family Though district administration formulated the comprehensive plan of action for the developmental and welfare of musahar of Varanasi district Rs 647 lacs scheme were provided to 3613 families ,Case also been mentioned in figures to both state and central Govt .

Malnutrition is the matter of concerned specially in case of children malnutrition campaign was carried by PVCHR , VOP,JMN,FORCE UNICEF to open technical center in the state of Varanasi .Different activist have forwarded petition against malnutrition and starvation death to the various level of the govt in order to open ICDS Center number of case study have been monitored and documented by PVCHR regarding the problem related to the suffering community .Many families are living on the Rozor edge of the survival with no land and food security as a result the children who are the state responsibility and future of country are living on the brink of survival suffering from acute malnutrition and hunger .

As children is the future of our country but they are the becoming the victims of starvation and hunger .Who will be held responsible for the situation ? Is it the Govt who makes powerful policies on the paper but fail to implement it ?or It is the citizens who are asking for their basic right? There are cases which shows that maximum number of death occur in UP . Such as ;A nine month old girl child seema – musahar of Belwa Varanasi died due to hunger from 3rd grade of malnutrition on 28 july 06 but the administration got aware of her death where as AHRC issued hunger 1.30 p.m on 28 july 06 .An 8 year old minor girl of shivrampur had been suffering from malnutrition from 4th grade of malnutrition .

Over 90 cases of hunger death have been reported to the govt but in reply the govt said that thay have implemented food scheme in VARANASI ,SONEDHADRA,JUANPUR,KUSHINAGER, MIRZAPUR district etc. from where death reports had come. In the village Belwa of varanasin dist on 29 may of 2006 muneeb mushar son of Gulab musahar died due to hunger and oriented malnutrition . The death of 18 children between july and sept allegedly due to lack of food ,has sparked concerns about growing starvation in a landless indigenous community in a remote village in northern India . Different movement were also been carried out to provide right to food for every citizens of UP ,So it is an appeal to every person to come forward and raise the voice against their violation of their right .

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