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Report of Right to food of PVCHR :August and Sept.06

Report, August 2006

Number of Petitions made in the month of august 06-There are several issues raised relating to the scattered deprived community of the society & basically of our project area. During the month of august total number of prepared petitions are ten (10). Out of which we got two results in favor of victim, describing as below-

Musahar community of the village Belwa of the block Pindra , district varanasi have been deprived by all the schemes of government since beginning . They are now able to avail the BPL card facility, which thus assure their daily meal at least. Before our intervention the community are basically involved as a bonded labour under the head of the village.
A job loosing weaver Ainul Haq & his family was suffering from hunger. Besides hunger he was unable to take treatment of his three pus-secreting wounds in his abdomen, caused by doctor operation of hernia. Now he has received Yelloo card, then BPL & some food grains by the hand of DSO, varanasi. Order of issuing Red card for the victim has also been passed by the DM varanasi & also he was offered for free treatment from CMO of Shiv Prasad Gupt Hospital, varanasi.

Activities of IRC - IRC, on one hand continuously colleting violation reporting, doing media liosioning along with sharing its experiences with local, national & international level of group, society & even individual on regular basis. We approach to them, ask their opinion & then frame our research work.
IRC, on the other hand sent some booklets, fact-finding reports & some critical views on the burning sensitive issuesto local, national & international thinkers. Such as –
· Voice Of Voiceless Weavers
· Status Of Quality Institutional Care of the state UP, An Overview.
· A critical view on Draft Of Farmer’s Policy

Special Activities Of RTFC- To wake- up Different functionaries of the system/Government, it is needed to be louder at some interval of time. That is why different demonstration were taken place with raising the demand of different issues such as-
Sl. No. Date Participants Place Issue
1. 8/08/06 PVCHR, Villagers of Belwa, Baghwanala, VOP & many more Before DM office Torture imposed by administration of varanasi on Human Rights Activists
Malnutrition & hunger situation of the village Baghwanala

2. 14/08/06 PVCHR with VOP ,, To protect right to education with a demand of removing inequality in present education system.
3. 29/08/06 PVCHR,VOP, VISION, Villagers of Baghwanala& Shivrampur ,, On the Question of Livelyhood of the villagers of Baghwanala.

Liasoning With MLAs/MPs- In order to make aware of the ground reality of the deprived community, IRC used to send self prepared material of the facts, received during our field visits. Voice of Voiceless, & reports of Belwa have been sent to most of the policy makers & now waiting for their response.

Achievement In Different Pockets Of our Project Area-

Si. No. Village District Achievent
1. Phulpur varanasi Yellow & BPL cards distributed among all the beneficiaries.
2. Milkapur ,, BPL card distributed among most of the banaficiaries.
3. Bindwallia Gajipur Gram Panchayat is now willing to provide ‘Aawas’ to all the beneficiaries.
4. Tikuli Bangali Patti Kushinagar Job card has been distributed of number 317200158000 to …8009 respectively.
5. Laxmipur ,, Food grain Bank has been established.
6. Robertsganj Sonbhadra PD shop is now being run according to the laws & conditions.
7. ,, ,, Renewal of ration card .
8. Purwa, Gurgi, Waidha,Chhatardiha, Harsad, Ahugikurd, Sikta, Chakkotar Mirjapur Total 80-widow/ old age pension forms have been filled up.
9 Virpur ,, Matritwa Labh Yojna benefits three women.
10. Waidha ,, ADO Panchayat distributed 10 antyodasy card.
11. Gurgi ,, 5 Antyoday Cards are Distributed.
12. Samwansa Jaunpur 56 beneficiaries are provided job card.
13. Dannipur Varanasi Hand Pipe is set up.
14. Rahimpur basti varanasi Proper Drainage System was done.

Note: If the detail of Job Card & Ration Card is required, we will send to you.

Milestone of the Month-
In the village Laxmipur of the district Kushinagar, Food Grain Bank has been established only by the participation of Musahar community. They are not only contributing 20Kg of grain from each family but also 20 Rs/- from each pockets. This is the great example of the saying “Where there is will, There is a way.”
A tremendous change found in a village Virpur of the district Mirjapur after the intervention of our project fellow named Tirthraj. The villagers involved in NREGA programme are now getting actual wage of 59 Rs/- which they were not getting ever.
Having seen our deep concern towards the of crises of downtrodden society, we were invited in the meeting of Planning commission held on 4th july 2006 in new Delhi. Mrs. Shruti Raghuvanshi participated on behalf of PVCHR & placed the demand the deprived community needed for.
Report of the month of September 06

Petition prepared & their Subjects-:

Subject Send to
Crisis in Panchayati Raj in the village Vajidpur where upper cast community is suppressing Pradhan belongs to dalit community. NHRC & DM varanasi.
Justice asked for miserable condition of a Weaver’s family of Benipur whose bread owner has died. NHRC
Pitiable condition of the Weavers of Kushinagar Saida Hameed
Hunger & Starving Situation of the community of Nakhighat & Meeraghat of varanasi. NHRC
Complaint for curruption found in ICDS programme of Shankarpur, Chiraigaon , varanasi. P.O. ICDS
Starve situation of the village Shankarpur, & Pradhan’s inaction towards them. NHRC & DM varanasi
Complaints of unavailability of safe drinking water in the village shankarpur. DM varanasi, & Block Level.

Information Asked Under RTI

Information Regarding To
PDS of village Belwani of block Chahaniya ADO s.t. Chahaniya
ICDS of shankarpur of block Chiraigaon PO, ICDS
Criteria of listing out voter name in the village Sarai of Pindra block where the whol Musahar community were kept deprived from right of voting. Jila Nirvachan Adhikari
Food Security Plan for Musahars & its implementation in the village sarai. Tahasildar of the sarai
Food Security Plan for Musahars, Bhar, & other deprived community of the village Shankarpur of block Chiraigaon & its implementation.. ADO st of Chiraigaon

Our Complaints taken into consideration by concerned authority-:

NHRC issued an URJENT APPEAL on 19th Sep. 2006, which is an update of starvation death, continue in varanasi. Through its appeal AHRC regrets for starvation death, continue among the impoverished & ruined Weavers family in varanasi.
According to the study on Child Development Scheme done by PVCHR in UP, we made our demand & placed it before Chief Secretary UP. Our Demands were
Increase the number of Anganbaadi
Increase the quota of supplementary Ration provided to the children etc.
The Government agreed with our demands & assured us to take steps for removing the problem.
Sarbari , a girl child of Shivrampur received Rs.1000/- as an emergency assistance, as she was suffering from malnutrition and no one was there to look at their condition. We made a complaint & informed to the concerned authority.
Media Sensitization

On 13th Sep. 2006 Sanat Mohanti interviewed Dr. Lenin on Handloom Crisis & its Impact on Weavers. Several question of continuous hunger death of children in UP, were also answered in this interview.

On 21st Sep. 2006 in an interview by AHRC Dr. Lenin told about the ruined condition of varanasi weavers, their reason of committing suicide& also discus for weavers trust plan which could revitalize the weaving Industry.
On Neelam Raj from the news paper Times of India visited Belwa & Bazardiha to study the situation prevailing there due to inaction of the government & local authority towards their miserable condition. Scanned copy of published report of her study is being attached.
Amosh Malekar form the magazine ‘Agenda’ has visited many villages of varanasi such as Baghwanala & Belwa. In order to make a report on the condition of poor & jobless community he spent two days with PVCHR.
Training Program

On 16th & 17th of Sep. there has been two days training program in Kaithi training center, varanasi. Almost all the fellows of different project areas were received the training on the following subjects
· Child Sexual Abuse

Apart from the above said subjects we came to know that-
What are the problems the community suffering from,
What is the proper way of addressing such problem,
What should be the procedure of solving out the problem
Achivements in differents pockets of project area

· Only by the initiative of Bhushan Prasad, a fellow of Kushinagar distrct such a huge number of children were get enrolled in Primary School of their respective villages.

Village No of children enrolled

Ramwaliya 40
Nahar Chhapra 103
Baewa Kala 17
Nautan Hardo 20

· It is the continuous effort of Bhushan Prasad by which the the families suffering from hunger & malnourishment, have received Emergency Assistances of Rs 1000/- along with some grain by their local & dist. Authority.

Name W/O or D/O Village Support of
Gulayachi Rajdev Kurmoul 1000/-40Kg Rice
Sugiya Devi Late Chhattu Kurmoul 1000/-40Kg Rice
Prem S/o Ramraj Nahar Chhapra 500/-, 20 Kg Rice, 5 Kg Sugar,
5 Liter kerosin oil

· People of different villages of Kushinagar received Antyoday card-

Village Card No
Sekhbaniya Antyoday 46
Barwanala ,, 07
Jangal belwa ,, 10
Jangal Khirkiya ,, 05
Jangal Khirkiya BPL 23
Jangal Kurmoul Antyoday 20
Noutan chhedi ,, 12

· In different village of varanasi villagers received following cards-

Village Card
Barghisanda 15 Red cards
Sanghati 05 Red cards

Membership in Mushar Nar Adhikar Manch, Chandauli.
Increased with the number of 200 new members.

Success Story in the month of Sep- 06

Like most of the villages in UP, Samwansa is a village of block a & district Jaunpur where the government plans & schemes were running on the paper only. Similarly the villagers were quite unknown to that schemes & plans which exists to improve their ruined condition. Through our fellow name Tirthraj, we came to know that in the village Samwansa NREGA is being implemented only on the paper & not as itsd real sense. The villagers were continuously compelled for laborer kind of work at a very low wage like 15 to20 Rs in a day. When we asked the villagers about NREGA, they are found totally unaware of that. PVCHR then held a number of awareness programme for the villagers & motivate them to fight for their right. In this way they came to know about the sachems & plans of the government that they can avail very frequently. The villagers were also came to know the real status of the execution of the program.
After knowing all that facts the villagers themselves made several efforts for getting registered in NREGA programe. In spite of getting registered the local authority were not wiling to provide their job card to them. The villagers were wrote to the BDO, CDO, DM & filed their complaints. Finally their complaints were heard & the villagers got their job card.
Now the scenario is quite different. The men along with equal number of women of the village are involved in work under NREGA. They are receiving minimum wage of their work & almost satisfied with their lives. Some nearby villages like Gondalpur & Lamhan are also influenced by the village Samwansa & trying to implimant the act in the same way as implementing in the Samwansa.

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